Check on the airline’s website to see if your route costs less. Then, check the airline’s foreign website to see if it’s cheaper in another currency. Barring exorbitant foreign transaction fees, you may be able to save a couple dollars due to differences in exchange rates.

“One’s destination is Never a new place, But a new way of Seeing things.”

Henry Miller


If it’s in the dead of winter, it might be best to hold off on Europe and similarly arctic climates like China or South Korea.

This might be the time to consider a jaunt in Southeast Asia where it’s warm all year round. Conversely, summer or spring might be a better time to head off to Europe (albeit a bit crowded) or stave off a trip to Southeast Asia or South America where temperatures reach unholy heights.

How much do you have to spend? Those with a bit more cash at the beginning might have a more comfortable time in Europe.

How long will your trip be?

Although it’s not impossible to backpack across Europe cheaply (You can – that’s why you’re reading this!), the dollar stretches much less there than in Southeast Asia. For those with less money and time, going somewhere a bit cheaper pays.

There are 196 countries in the world. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newly bitten by the travel bug, it can be difficult to decide where to go. Where you want to go first is widely dependent on your personal preferences.

Perhaps not as cheap as public transportation, but if you need to get somewhere quickly, taxis are the way to go.


Ultimately, where do you want to go? If your dream has always been to see the Eiffel Tower or Angkor Wat, then go. You can make everything else fit.